How VerifyMyAge Works.

VerifyMyAge age-verifies your customers without distracting them from their purchase. It can be integrated either directly – within the browser post-checkout – or indirectly through email or SMS.

Verification Methods.

We check with third-party databases, to verify your customers age without interrupting their shopping experience. When this isn’t possible, the customer has three other quick-and-easy methods to choose from.

Database Check

We capture information from your customers’ orders, and verify their age without them having to act.

Mobile Phone Number

By sending a text to a UK mobile number, we verify the phone is authorised for use by a person aged 18+.

AI-Powered Age Estimation

After taking a short selfie video, artificial intelligence indicates whether your customer is aged 25+.

Passport Or Driver’s License Scan

We verify your customers’ age and identity using their scanned government ID or driver’s license.

Credit Card

We verify the cardholder is 18+ using their credit card records.

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